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You have just got your new hearing aids and are eager to see how effective they are in helping you hear all the sounds around you that you had been missing for a long time. It's is also when you realize that there are certain hearing aid accessories you would need. Every hearing aid requires some amount of essential maintenance. The upkeep of these devices is simple and affordable, and not something that will stress you.

At The Hearing Aid Doctor, we will give you a list of accessories you would need and also inform you about ones you don't. This guidance will help ensure you can use your new hearing aid effectively and get the most out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which battery do I need for my hearing aid?

There are standard color and number coding for all hearing aid batteries, and this helps make it easy to find the right ones. The codes are very to remember, and you may need one of these depending on the model of hearing aid you have:

  • 675 (Blue)
  • 312 (Brown)
  • 13 (Orange)
  • 10 (Yellow)

Which number or color battery fits my hearing aid?

Dr. Schade will guide you on how to use and maintain your hearing aid. He will tell you which color and size of batteries you would need for your specific hearing device.

How long will the hearing aid battery last?

Typically, hearing aid batteries last for between 5 and 7 days, depending on the battery size. The other aspects that determine the life of the battery are:


  • The hearing aid model
  • Level of hearing loss
  • Demands of the location


Higher hearing aid use demands more power, and you may need to replace the batteries within a shorter period.

Why do hearing aid batteries have such a short lifespan?

Batteries such as the ones used in wrist watches can last for many years because these accessories need very little power to keep them ticking. However, hearing aids need more power to perform the complex functions that correctly amplify sounds to meet your needs in different listening environments.

How do I avoid running out of hearing aid batteries?

That’s really simple. It’s best to stock at least a month’s worth of hearing aid batteries-about 8-0. Once you are down to 5, order some more. Make sure you factor in the shipping time while ordering them, so you never run out of batteries.

What's the best way to store my hearing aid's batteries?

Store your hearing aid batteries in your bedside table drawer. It’s the best place because that’s where you also keep your hearing aids when you retire for the night. You will have easy access to your batteries when you wear your hearing aids in the morning. Make sure to keep some spare batteries in the hearing aid case as well, just in case the batteries get drained when you are outside your home.


Note- Never store hearing aid batteries in the refrigerator as the moisture and condensation can harm them. It’s also crucial that you avoid temperature extremes and store them at room temperature.


We at The Hearing Aid Doctor are happy to help whenever you need to buy hearing aid batteries. All you have to do is ask!


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