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"My hearing problem doesn't even bother me..."

"I don't need to waste the effort of getting a hearing aid..."

Several people who suffer from hearing loss often tell themselves that their hearing isn't all that bad or that they can get along fine without a hearing aid. Loss of hearing doesn't happen suddenly but takes place over the years. Although you can always request people to repeat themselves, or turn the TV volume up high, or even strain to hear conversations in restaurants or business meetings, doesn't necessarily mean you can't do better.

Living With Hearing Loss and The Dangers That Follow

Although you can live with the loss of hearing, besides hurting yourself, you will hurt your loved ones as well. It is incredibly challenging to have simple conversations with anyone. This will slowly start having an impact on your relationship with your family and friends.

Several people turn incredibly self-conscious or get frustrated when they develop the effects of hearing loss. People lose interest in doing what they love, such as playing sports, socializing at family events, or going to the movies.

Hearing helps keep your mind sharp, as you can kick your brain into gear and process information much faster. You will regain your confidence as soon as you start taking steps to deal with the issue.

Ways to Help Yourself and Your Loved Ones Live Better

Schedule an appointment to test your hearing. This will help determine whether you have hearing loss and its extent. Once the appointment has concluded, the doctor will then determine the type of hearing treatment that can:

  • Fits perfectly based on your level of hearing difficulty
  • Complements your current lifestyle
  • Fits your allocated budget

Different Types of Hearing Loss

Here are the four basic types of hearing loss:



This type of hearing loss is generally temporary, and can be cured with medication, a small procedure, or surgery on rare occasions.



This kind of hearing loss is caused by strokes or by diseases in the central nervous system. Auditory rehabilitation therapy is used for this type of hearing loss.



When tiny hairs present in the cochlea are missing or damaged, it results in this type of hearing loss. The only non-surgical solution for this is getting fitted with hearing aids.



This is a combination of both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing aids are typically used to treat this type of hearing loss. However, they are occasionally in conjunction with medication or surgery.

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