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Complimentary Hearing Testing

Take a the first step toward better hearing — contact The Hearing Aid Doctor now at 949-281-8975 to schedule a free, no-obligation hearing screening.

Watching your favorite TV shows, conversing with your friends, hearing the sounds of chirping birds in the daytime or crickets at night, a laughing child. The sounds around you are what make you feel alive. They add dimension to your existence.

Getting the most out of life is about being able to use all your senses to their fullest. We at The Hearing Aid Doctor are here to help you get the most out of life. If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, feel free to call us at our listed number to schedule a hearing test. Dr. Schade has the knowledge and skills needed to conduct the relevant hearing tests, provide an accurate diagnosis, and the appropriate hearing aid recommendations.

There are many different brands and types of hearing aids available today, and he will help you with all the information you need about these. This approach helps to ensure that you can make an informed decision about the hearing aid you want. He will also fix your hearing aids for you expertly and give you other information related to their maintenance and use so you can get the best from the device.

About the Hearing Screening Process

The consultation starts with a hearing evaluation and a detailed conversation with you regarding your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. We also offer a mobile hearing test. If that's what you opt for The Hearing Aid Doctor will arrive at your home for the hearing exam. He will discuss your particular situation and medical history.

This step is vital as it helps the doctor asses what the best solution for you would be and to discuss hearing aid options. Dr. Allen Schade will review all the critical personal information you have provided. He will also ask you specific questions to understand the different types of environments in which you might be experiencing marked hearing loss or difficulty with hearing.

He will then use an otoscope to look into your ears. It is a special instrument that allows him to get a closer look at the eardrum and ear canal. Depending on his findings, he may also perform some of these tests mentioned below:


Audiometric Test

With this hearing test, the doctor will use multiple high and low-frequency tones to determine how well you can understand conversation within a specific distance. He will also give you several words to repeat. The results of the audiometric test will help him determine the percentage of hearing loss you have. It will also help him determine your ability to hear speech and whether hearing aids will help you.



This hearing test creates air pressure variations in the ear canal and is used to check the mobility of the tympanic membrane/eardrum, condition of the middle ear as well as the conduction bones.



OAEs or Otoacoustic Emission tests allow the doctor to find out how well your cochlea or inner ear works.

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Understanding What Your Hearing Test Results Mean

The Hearing Aid Doctor will carefully record all the results of your hearing tests on an audiogram. The information on this form will be used during the review with you. The form/ audiogram reflects the extent of your hearing loss in decibels and frequencies. Dr. Schade will have a detailed discussion with you and show you the pattern, type, and degree of hearing loss you have.

He will also show you the percentage of standard conversational speech patterns you’re still able to hear. These results will be used to address concerns related to your hearing. The Hearing Aid Doctor will then consider the treatment solutions best suited to you. You can count on him to take the time required to understand all your concerns. He will also provide you all the information you need to make a better-informed decision about the hearing aid you want.

A hearing test at the right time can alter your quality of life significantly. If you suspect you have hearing loss, schedule your hearing test with Dr. Allen Schade today. Dr. Shade will also provide advice and recommendations on the best and most effective hearing devices. The right type of device can help you enjoy life to the fullest and timely intervention can go a long way in improving your hearing.