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Being around a person with hearing loss can be quite frustrating.It strains relationships, especially when you know for a fact that improved hearing can have a positive impact on your loved one's life and how they function.

The Impacts of Hearing Loss

It can be extremely tough to witness the effects of hearing loss. People that are hard of hearing can become depressed and withdrawn, lose confidence, and begin feeling isolated. They find that they are unable to communicate with people well and slowly but surely, begin to shun social and professional interactions. Depending on what the cause of their hearing loss is, the individual may also feel imbalanced very frequently.

It isn’t uncommon for people to mistake their loved one’s hearing loss for dementia or even memory loss. It can be extremely challenging to get a loved one to come to terms with their hearing loss. Many that are hard of hearing are too proud or stubborn to accept they have a problem and need medical help. However, you need to be patient and encourage the person to seek medical attention.

Expert Hearing Loss Treatment

We at The Hearing Aid Doctor have been excellent support for numerous concerned family members as well as friends wanting to help their loved one better their hearing. Dr. Schade can guide you on the things you need to do and say. It’s never a good idea to defer helping a family member suffering from hearing loss symptoms. Being proactive can go a long way in improving the chances of successful treatment. We are here to help every step of the way.

Steps You Can Take to Help

  • You must discuss with your loved one and share your concerns regarding the hearing loss with them.
  • Always keep in view that many people with hearing loss tend to become defensive, and you need to be tactful while dealing with them.
  • Most individuals that are hard of hearing aren’t willing to admit they need hearing aids. Be encouraging and supportive, and urge them to consult a hearing expert.
  • Make sure you do not get into an argument with them. Bring up the topic and tactfully transition to the next step.
  • Call us to schedule an appointment and let your family member know that you have done this for them.
  • Most people will appreciate the fact that you are concerned about them. They will be willing to get a hearing test done from us to determine whether they will benefit from using a hearing aid.
  • Always be enthusiastic and upbeat when you are discussing the topic with your loved one. One out of at least 20 people will refuse to schedule an appointment to get their hearing tested. If this is the case, tell them that if the test results indicate they do not have hearing loss, it would be good news for them.

Get the right treatment for your loved ones' hearing loss.

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