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Hearing Aid Fitting

You like your clothes, shoes, spectacles to be comfortable — the same holds in the case of a hearing aid. Fitting is the first important step towards success with your hearing instrument. Custom fitted aids adjusted for your hearing preferences and needs serve the purpose very well. To accomplish this, you need professional services of The Hearing Aid Doctor by scheduling an appointment with him.

Dr. Allen Schade checks whether your hearing aids are comfortable for you. He then programs them and checks your hearing level by asking you to wear them. The doctor will explain to you the advanced features of the device and how to use and care for it.

Hearing Aid Fitting Helps Ensure You Get the Best Sound

When Dr. Allen Schade programs your hearing device, he considers the test results. He takes care of your preferences and listening environments you encounter and has the expertise to fine-tune your device to improve your hearing experience in various situations.

The place could be a restaurant, or a crowded street, or any problematic listening environment. The bottom line is your hearing must improve regardless of the surroundings. Your friend with a similar hearing disability may need different programming.

Dr. Schade Will Fine Tune the Hearing Aids Using Live Speech Mapping

The Hearing Aid Doctor also uses the Live Speech Mapping process to fine-tune the hearing device. The process uses live real-time speech and probe microphones. It enables you as well as your family members to see the fitting adjustments, and know the advantages of the device.

The Follow-Up Care, Your Hearing Aids, Would Need

Dr. Schade ensures that youbenefit immensely from the hearing device. That is why, during your visits (1 to 3), he observes the situations in which your hearing has improved vastly and those where you still need some improvement. He will then fine-tune your hearing aid again to suit your hearing experience.

The advantage of today’s hearing instruments is that they are highly programmable and allow small adjustments that improve hearing vastly. The natural fit and the sound level of a hearing aid should be such that you feel comfortable wearing it. If you experience any discomfort, contact Dr. Schade urgently for necessary changes. He will make the necessary adjustments, so it is comfortable to wear.

Getting Used To Wearing Your Hearing Aids

It takes many years for hearing loss to develop and get noticed. That is why it also takes time and practice to get used a hearing aid.The Hearing Aid Doctor finds that most of his clients require a few weeks or months to get used to it. There is a minimal percentage of clients that adjust to a hearing aid like a fish to water.

Generally, the person takes a longer time to adjust to a hearing aid when their hearing loss is significant and has been present for a longer time. There are only pointers on how to get adjusted to a hearing instrument but no perfect path to achieve it.

Each individual's case is unique. It is worthwhile to spend some time to adaptto the new aid since you will benefit from improved hearing. Patience is the key to get acquainted with new sounds. You are always welcome at Dr. Schade’s office for consultation, adjustments, and he will hand-hold you through the process.

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Getting the Best Sound from Your New Hearing Aids

While The Hearing Aid Doctor helps you to adjust to the new instrument to maximize the benefit from improved hearing, the three things you can do are:

  1. Wear your hearing aids for as long as you can. It is an excellent way to get used to them and check on your hearing experience. You will have more information to share with the doctor to fine-tune your hearing aids.
  2. Note the situations when you have problems in hearing correctly. This will helps him reprogram the instrument to work effectively in that environment.
  3. Be patient and avoid getting frustrated. Though it may take a few more visits, we can improve the performance of the hearing device for you.

You can also get your hearing aid fitting at The Hearing Aid Doctor in Dana Point, CA. To schedule a convenient mobile hearing aid visit, call us at this number-949-281-8975. We will ensure you get hearing aids that are suitable for your condition.

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