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Our understanding of hearing loss and what causes it is far better than it was up until a few decades ago. Over the years, there has been significant medical advancement, but many people are still misinformed about the nature of the condition.

Many people that suffer from hearing loss tell themselves little lies and continue with their life, believing that everything is fine. That approach is nothing but a fast track to sabotaging your hearing entirely. Here are some of these myths or lies that people believe in or tell themselves:


You'll know if you have hearing loss.


In most cases, hearing loss develops gradually, and you wouldn’t notice it until it’s too late. To compensate for the increase in your hearing loss, you might turn up the volume or even ask people to repeat themselves often.

It is incredibly common for people to deny a problem like this at first. It’s easy to blame someone for speaking too softly or setting the volume of the TV too low. People who do not suffer from hearing loss need not convince others that they can hear just fine. If your friends or family ask you to take a hearing test, you should consider doing so immediately.


Improving your hearing is not worth the trouble.


Better hearing can enhance the quality of your life, as well as help improve relationships with your family, friends, and coworkers. Loss of hearing is a very frustrating issue and can lead to depression and social withdrawal. Your family members can get annoyed as they have to keep repeating themselves, or even leave the room because the TV is too loud. Rather than pretending you don’t have a problem, your best option is to start dealing with your hearing loss


It doesn't matter if you delay getting hearing aids.


People often feel that it's no big deal to hold off on getting hearing aids. However, you must remember, hearing loss will worsen over time. This means that the sooner you address this issue, the better. Researchers call this "auditory deprivation." People who ignore hearing loss for an extended period can potentially lose their hearing permanently. Hearing aids help only when there's enough hearing left to be saved. Getting used to hearing aids gets harder, the longer you live with hearing loss.

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If you're hearing impaired, all you have to do is turn up the volume.


Although you can take this approach, don't expect to have the best relationships. Your friends might just start avoiding you knowing that they're going to have to repeat themselves constantly. Using professionally programmed hearing aids is the only right way to turn up the volume. This way, you don't have to ask others to speak loudly. Besides, people often dislike being burdened, especially when they know that the person can easily take care of themselves.


You tell yourself that hearing aids won't work for you.


Modern-day hearing aids are quite advanced and work for almost everyone. However, this is only true if you use the right technology with perfect settings. These devices will definitely prove beneficial if you work closely with your hearing specialist to identify which hearing aid is best-suited for you. Once they're programmed for your specific hearing loss, and adjusted to your lifestyle, these devices will undoubtedly help you hear well.


Hearing aids look ugly.


Hearing aids used to be bulky at one point in time, and with only a few options available. However that isn’t the case anymore.Today, there are several different options like ‘behind the ear’, ‘in the ear canal’, and ‘in-ear’ options to choose from.The latest models are small and sleek and can easily fit inside your ear, making them nearly invisible. It means you don’t have worry about them being conspicuous while you are in public.


Hearing aids make you look old.


To begin with, hearing loss can affect people of all ages. Secondly, hearing with clarity and participating in conversations with confidence can help you stay young and vibrant. Always asking people to repeat themselves, missing most parts of the conversation, and responding inappropriately will make you feel and seem old. Ultimately, you will start to shun having interactions with people.


You can save a lot of money by getting only one hearing aid.


If the doctor determines that you have hearing loss in both your ears, you would need two hearing aids. We have two ears for a reason. We need them both to locate the various sources of sounds as well as to maintain balance. Our ears help us hear sounds very clearly, regardless the direction they are coming from. If you need two hearing aids and buy only one to save money, it would be akin to buying just half a pair of glasses or a single shoe.


Hearing aids can be very pricey.


Many of us don’t think twice while spending thousands on expensive entertainment and media devices like high-end music systems and TVs. Hearing is something you need to stay healthy, active and happy. You need to determine how much value that provides you and what it is worth to you. When you come to The Hearing Aid Doctor, Dr. Allen Schade will recommend hearing aid options that best suit your hearing needs, and fit into your budget as well as your lifestyle.

No matter which way you look at it, hearing aids are must of you suffer from hearing loss of any level. Dealing with this issue at the right time can go a long way in improving your hearing. It will make you feel far more confident and it improve your overall quality of life too.

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